Disabling Google Drive Virus Scan Warning: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking to bypass the Google Drive virus scan warning and directly download large files? Discover a couple of methods to skip the GDrive warning page and streamline your file downloads.

Disabling Google Drive Virus Scan Warning: A Comprehensive Guide

Google Drive offers an expansive storage solution with free initial space, enabling efficient data organization and seamless file sharing. However, when it comes to downloading large files, users often encounter hurdles due to Google’s restrictions on easy downloads from Drive storage.

Sharing a file link prompts the infamous “Google Drive can’t scan this file for viruses” message to end-users, followed by another warning stating the file is too large to scan. While the built-in virus scanner is a crucial security feature for smaller files, users are increasingly finding it bothersome.

The Challenge and the Solution

This inconvenience prompts some users to explore alternative cloud storage services. To address this, we present a guide for those troubled by Google Drive’s virus scan warning. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll outline a straightforward procedure to bypass the Google Drive virus scan warning on your device.

Way to Disable Google Drive Virus Scan Warning for Large Files

 Using Google Drive API

  1. Generate Google Drive API Key:
    • Open Google Cloud Console. https://console.cloud.google.com/
    • Log in with your Google Account.
    • Create a new project in the Google Cloud Dashboard.



    • Access the API Library and enable Google Drive API.







    • Create API credentials and obtain the API key.









  1. Tweak Shared URL:
    • Copy the File ID of the desired Google Drive file.
    • Use the following Google APIs URL: https://www.googleapis.com/drive/v3/files/FileID?alt=media&key=APIKey
    • Replace FileID with the copied file ID and APIKey with your generated API key.
  2. Download Without Warning:
    • Paste the modified URL in Chrome and hit Enter.
    • The file will start downloading directly, bypassing any warning symbols.

By following these steps, you can create a direct download link for your Google Drive file, allowing the download of large files without encountering a virus warning. This method simplifies the process, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Explore the possibilities of Google Drive’s advanced features while overcoming potential hurdles in your file-sharing endeavors.

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