Farlight 84

Battle Royale 2.0, welcome to the CHAOS!
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Sep 7, 2023
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Introducing Battle Royale 2.0 – Step into the Realm of CHAOS!

Dive into the electrifying realm of Farlight 84, a revolutionary battle royale game that redefines conventional gaming norms. Immerse yourself in a dynamic experience, where an eclectic array of heroes await to be unlocked, each wielding unique abilities to reign supreme on the battleground. Commandeer powerful vehicles, releasing torrents of devastating firepower, or employ jetpacks for nimble and unexpected assaults. With the absence of instant defeat upon entry, exhibit your combat expertise without the shackles of limitations. Embrace the fray now and demonstrate your mettle in intense confrontations that liberate you from burdens!

【Noteworthy Features】 ▶ Innovate with Jetpacks! Take Flight on the Battlefield! Harness the force of jetpacks to engage in agile aerial maneuvers and deliver unforeseen attacks from above. Ascend to new heights and sow chaos in your wake!

▶ Armed Vehicles – Unleash Transformative Firepower! Certain vehicles can navigate rivers, transforming into potent turrets or unleashing superheroic firepower. Forge alliances with your team, amass a formidable convoy, and overpower adversaries with an arsenal of indomitable vehicles!

▶ Diverse Array of Heroes! Command with Ultimates to Triumph! Unlock the four distinct hero roles: Assault, Defense, Scout, and Support, and assemble a multi-faceted combat unit where each member finds their distinct niche!

▶ Every Player Can Shine! With abundant resources, precise aim assistance, and user-friendly jetpacks, even casual players can unleash remarkable skills and execute extraordinary maneuvers!

▶ Nowhere to Hide! Touchdown and Unleash Fury! No prone positions, no sidelong aiming. With augmented detection skills, there’s no sanctuary for concealment. Amidst the heat of combat, your combat prowess is your sole asset!

▶ Multiple Resurrections – Seek Instant Retribution! Even at the onset of a battle, the prospect of revival exists, erasing the threat of immediate defeat upon landing. Should a frontal assault falter, your comrades can rush to your aid, enabling your triumphant return to the battlefield.

▶ Unified Accounts for Mobile and PC – No Charge! Enjoy the best of both gaming platforms with a single account! Revel in elevated gameplay on your PC, while basking in the convenience of mobile gaming at any time.

Survivors, why delay? Join our ranks now and commence an unending journey of exhilaration!

What's new

[NEW ADDITIONS] Welcome to the worldwide debut of Farlight 84! Accessible on both the iOS App Store and Google Play. Fresh Battle Pass - Onyx Party, accompanied by the UR Skin Phantom - [Flow Banquet] and the SSR Jetpack - Supercar. Exciting In-Game Activities. Survivors can now secure an array of rewards through the completion of quests. Look out for Momoi - [First Snowfall], Ducksyde - [Odduck Sleuth], and the UR Skin Ducksyde - [Starry Wander], all ready to be claimed!


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